YouTube Terms of Service


  • You are bound by YouTube’s terms and conditions and its privacy policy if you visit the site.
  • The conditions apply to users who contribute to the web-site. YouTube is not responsible for the content of any websites which are linked to YouTube.
  • You use YouTube for purely personal purposes and not for any commercial purpose.
  • You need YouTube’s permission for any copying or redistribution of its contents.
  • You are required to furnish accurate information while opening an account with it. You are responsible for keeping your account details secure.
  • YouTube is not liable for any loss caused to you due to any authorized use of your YouTube account, but you are liable to YouTube for any such damage to YouTube.
  • You will not use any software such as 'spiders' to harvest information from YouTube.
  • You cannot copy or distribute any material from YouTube for commercial purpose, without its express permission.
  • While copying/downloading any material, copyright notices should be left intact.
  • You may be allowed to submit content to YouTube (User Submissions), but its confidentiality is not ensured.
  • Such content must be your own or you should have copyright owner’s written permission.
  • You retain the copyright for your content, but by submitting it to YouTube you are giving YouTube the right to use the material in any form that it may desire. This right will terminate only when you remove the content from YouTube website.
  • You will not submit falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage YouTube or any third party.
  • You will also not submit any material which is obscene, defamatory or otherwise objectionable, or unlawful.
  • You will also not post advertisements or solicitations of business, or impersonate another person.
  • YouTube will remove all content considered inappropriate or that violates somebody’s intellectual copyrights. Anybody who repeats such activity may also be denied access to YouTube.
  • You don’t have any claims against YouTube for User Submissions that are inaccurate, offensive, indecent, or objectionable.
  • Your use of YouTube is solely at your risk, and YouTube has no liability for any deficiency in service or damage due to the content, including that from any virus you may get from YouTube.
  • YouTube does not claim that its content is appropriate in other countries also.
  • You will defend YouTube against any suit connected with your access to YouTube, even after you have discontinued its use.
  • You visit YouTube only if you or over 18 years or have parental/guardian consent and are able to understand these conditions.
  • You should not use YouTube if you are under 13 years of age.
  • You can’t transfer your membership to somebody else.
  • The site is subject to only San Mateo County, California courts’ jurisdiction.
  • You can sue YouTube within 12 months of the cause of action.

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