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When used with the "Redirect category shell" (Rcat shell) template:

Template {{Redirect category shell}} may be used to add one or more rcat templates, along with their parameters and categories, to a redirect. For more information see the documentation page below.

When used by itself:

  • Used for convenience: This is a redirect from a title that is intended to make it easier to get to the target page; the target is a more appropriate page for the purpose of the redirected page. Since many types of redirects may fall into this category, this rcat should be reserved for redirects that do not fit other descriptions.
    • For example, this may be a redirect from a title that is another name, a pseudonym, a nickname, or a synonym as is used colloquially, but is not currently an officially accepted term, though it may have been in the past. It leads to the title in accordance with the naming conventions for common names and can help writing and searches. However, do not replace these redirected links with piped links unless the page is updated for another reason.
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