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:SemanticComments Sandbox 1295602691794 +Do you want to let your visitors have a say and encourage discussions in your wiki? Then introduce meta talking with the SemanticComments extension.  +
:SemanticComments Sandbox 1295602913516 +Communicating about topics and media is a basic community feature. You can upgrade your wiki essentially if you allow your visitors to present and discuss their opinions about certain articles. Or you would like to set up a conversation focused wiki where commenting is the superordinate and actual objective and therefore always available. You can have it your way and expand the attraction of your wiki in any case.  +
:SemanticComments Sandbox 1295602948268 +So let people take part and rate contents with the SemanticComments extension.  +
:SemanticComments Sandbox 1295603031029 +The features of the SemanticComments extension: <br/>Let your visitors comment and rate articles and contents <br/>Allow discussions about and replies to expressed opinions <br/>Aggregate comments in different ways (e.g. lists of all exisiting comments, the 10 latest comments or all contributions of a certain user)  +
:SemanticComments Sandbox 1295603163565 +You can download this extension here:  +