Piano lessons


Piano Lessons: a memoir
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An American hardcover edition of Piano Lessons
Author Anna Goldsworthy
Original title (if not in English) Piano Lessons
Country USA
Language English
Genre(s) Memoir
Publisher St. Martin's Press
Released October 2010
Pages 256
ISBN ISBN 978-0-312-64628-8 (first edition, hardcover),

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Piano Lessons: a memoir Plot Summary

Australian pianist Goldsworthy was nine years old when she began instruction with the renowned Russian pianist Eleonora Sivan, now relocated to Adelaide. Their pupil-master relationship grew and deepened over the next decade. Goldsworthy, the child of two doctors and musicians, blossomed into a stunning stage force and a vessel of Sivan's deeply intuitive music instruction. Over her meticulous stages of instruction, Sivan took on each composer in turn--Bach was like God, she noted, offering "peace, of course, and bells," while Mozart was like Midas, "every sound he touches turns into song"--and Goldsworthy tidily arranges her memoir according to their embarking on these composers' works, from Shostakovich to Liszt. At first Sivan did not believe that Goldsworthy had the "emotional freedom" to be a concert pianist. However, the youth proved her wrong by incorporating her teacher's radiant artistry and coming to feel the joy of playing. Moreover, after earning top prizes and attaining her dream of playing a Shostakovich concerto with a full orchestra, Goldsworthy returned the gift of music by teaching, as per Sivan's ministrations.

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