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Clean a Pipe Screen

When smoking away from a pipe you will want to clean your pipe screen on event or your pipe will clog. This opportunity destroying your expensive pipe. Whilst residue builds up on your pipe screen your tobacco will develop some awful taste plus you will waste one entire bowl regarding tobacco. Follow these steps to learn how to clear a pipe screen. electronic cigarette.

Trouble: Easy


2 Inspect your screen for holes and additional signs of harm. If your screen has holes in it replace the screen instead of cleaning it; holes will permit bits tobacco to enter your mouth and lungs when smoking.

3 Hold the screen among your thumb and forefinger and rock it back also forth to remove ash and residue. Blow on it and if it's clean you can put it again within your pipe; if it's nonetheless dirty you need to clean it a lot more completely.

4 Grab your screen gently with a set of two regarding tweezers and carry it throughout the bathroom sink. Burn the screen with a match or lighter for no more than 5 seconds.

5 Cool the screen off prior to touching it by way of your hands. Grab it in between your thumb and forefinger and blow off the ash.

6 Replace your screen if it even so doesn't look clean. You should always retain extra screens on hand.

Tips & Warnings

Clean your pipe continually. While your pipe and pipe screen are fresh your tobacco smoking encounter is added enjoyable.

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