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Yahoo! offers a myriad of services and, being a leading internet portal, is very interested in protecting its rights.  Most of the Yahoo! TOS deals with the company disclaiming responsibility any possibly adverse effects of using their service.  The following are specific points of interest:
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  • Yahoo! reserves the right to send users unsolicited emails without an option to be removed from this email list. (2-1)
  • If users use Yahoo! for communication (e.g. emails, instant messaging, message boards, dating services, etc.), Yahoo! claims no responsibility for making sure that communication is delivered. For example, if someone sends an email to your Yahoo! email account and you do not receive it, Yahoo! will not be held responsible. (2-1)
  • Yahoo! can terminate a users account if wrong personal information is provided. (3-1)
  • A user cannot collect information about users who are doing bad things on Yahoo!. (6-n)
  • All content a user produces (including emails and instant messages) can be read by Yahoo! employees. (6-2)
  • Your personal information may be disclosed if Yahoo! believes it to be in its best interests. (6-3)
  • Yahoo! has "perpetual, irrevocable and fully sublicensable license to use, distribute, reproduce..." all text you make publicly available on Yahoo! (other than on Yahoo! Groups). That is, things you write in many public areas on Yahoo! is yours, but it is also theirs. (9-4)
  • Yahoo! is not responsible if they delete your emails or any other content you may have stored on their servers. (13-1)
  • All transactions between you and Yahoo! advertisers are not Yahoo!'s responsibility. (16-1)
  • Any link to another website from Yahoo! is not Yahoo!'s responsibility. (17-1)
  • If you are seizure-prone, you should not use Yahoo!. (19-e)
  • Financial information (including stock prices) provided by Yahoo! does not need to be correct. (22-1)
  • You cannot leave the rights to your Yahoo! account in your will. (27-4)

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