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[[Category:Published in 1956|Journey to the East, The]]
[[Category:Published in 1956|Journey to the East, The]]
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The novel begins as H.H. is trying to tell the story of his travel with the League, a semi-religious group, that is looking for a place called the Home of Light. He writes about several different events including their stop at Bremgarten, where there are several fictional characters.

He ends this part of the novel by talking about when a seemingly unimportant servant, named Leo, disappeared. This is when the journey begins to end as there is a lot of arguing amongst the travellers. H.H. stops writing here, as he expresses difficulty at continuing, because everything is jumbled up.

H.H. talks to an old friend of his, asking for help with his writing. The friend suggests that he try to find out what happened to Leo. H.H. follows his advice and eventually finds Leo. He follows Leo to a park and sits next to him on a bench. They talk for a while, but Leo does not recognize H.H. Right before Leo leaves, H.H. reveals who he is and Leo suddenly becomes more serious. H.H. becomes desparate asking for any information about the League that he can get.

The next day, Leo shows up at H.H.'s house, to bring him to trial in front of the League. They take several hours to get there, as Leo stopped at several different places on the way.