The Chrysalids


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John Wyndham

Major Characters

David Strorm

  • Son of the religious community leader, Joseph Strorm
  • Dreams of a world outside of his own with flying cars and sailboats
  • Has the ability to communicate with the others telepathically
  • Loves Rosalind

Joseph Strorm

  • A zealous religious leader in Waknuk
  • David’s father
  • Disturbed by anything different from the norm and considers them to be Offences to God


  • A girl David meets when he is playing
  • Has twelve toes
  • Is sent to the Fringes by Waknuk leaders because she is an Offence

Uncle Axel

  • A trusted relative of David’s
  • The only person besides the others who know about David’s ability
  • Protects David from being exposed as an Offence


  • Loves David
  • Also has the ability to communicate telepathically
  • Exposed along with David


  • Also has the ability to communicate telepathically
  • Continues to communicate with David after he has fled Waknuk to alert him to danger


  • David’s youngest sister
  • Has the ability to communicate telepathically beyond her district
  • Has the most powerful range and potential of all the others

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