The Cheating Culture


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The Cheating Culture
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Author Dave the Author
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) English
Publisher Book Company
Released The Common Era
Media Type Book
Pages Over 150 but less than 600. Find out the rest yourself

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The Cheating Culture is a book by a pretty boring guy named Dave. In it, lots of people cheat because they are under pressure to be winners and and they feel like people who are better than them take shits on them or something. The reader is then supposed to be surprised that Americans are assholes and cheat to get ahead in life. Some of these startling examples include:

  • MLB players taking steroids to win (wow!)
  • Doctors giving their patients the wrong drugs to get some extra cash monies
  • CEOs and other big business leaders screwing everybody over by myseriously earning millions of extra dollars
  • Lawyers overbilling customers with shit like 30 hour days and similar madness

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is an intro chapter

Chapter 2

I don't remember what chapter 2 is about

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is some attempt to make all the cheating shitheads in the book look like they are actually good people or something. At this point the author also decides that the "Cheating Culture" is also "War on Conservative Economics" and somehow manages to conceive the idea that the two are so closely intertwined that they are soul mates or some shit it's crazy.

Chapter IV

Haven't gotten this far yet sorry