The Book Thief


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The Book Thief is a book that takes place during World War II. It's about a girl named Lesiel who is given away by her foster mother to her new foster parents. Her foster mother's name is Rosa and her foster dad's name is Hans Huberman. They take her in and although is is small Lesisl has lots of courage.

Prologue In the prologue it explains that the narrator is Death and he sees Lesiel three times. The first time is when he saw Lesiel is when her little brother passed away on the, second is when a boy is running towards a plane crash and putting a teddy bear on him, and the third time is when Death arrives to a land which is destroyed completely and is just rubble. Death explains that how he hates seeing the loved ones of the person who is deceased suffer over them. Instead he sees everything in colors which describes the mood, style of a person’s death, or the kind of soul the death of that character had.

Part One This part explains how when Lesiel arrives to her new family. There she refuses to get out of the car because she’s only ten years-old and scared. After getting to know her foster parents it’s kind of hard for her to get close to them. Soon Lesiel started to have a close relationship with her “Father.” Her “Mother” gives her some verbal abuse but she doesn’t mean it in a mean way. It’s just her strange way of showing her love towards Lesiel. Apart from being the new kid in the neighborhood she made friends with the other children while playing soccer. One in particular who’s a boy named Rudy. In the book it says that, “The only thing that’s worst than a boy that hates you, is a boy that loves you.” Later on Rudy and Lesiel race each other and place a bet. If Rudy won she would have to kiss him and if she would he would have to be goalie the next time they’d play soccer. So they race and who won was