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Hello Ryan. I have a book summary for you, but it's not clear to me from your instructions how I create a new page for it. And before I do so, I'd also like some clarification on the laws of copyright - if the book is still on sale and by a living author, are there any dangers of being sued for effectively providing a free condensed version of the author's work? Apologies if this is not the best place to ask this, but I couldn't find any links to send you an e-mail.

Hi, you should be able to just go to the page you want to create, such as and create the page. Summaries are entirely permissible by copyright laws.

Thanks, I think you might want to note these points in your Manual of Style, as I would have assumed that typing a new name into the address bar would only get me a 'Page Not Found' error. Here's my new book summary for you:

Hope it's OK; the summary paragraph has basically been taken from Wikipedia, but the rest of it is all mine. If it's good to go, how do I add the box with the picture and info about the book, and get it listed among the other summaries?

-- Great! To add the info box, take a look at the format on pages that already have it and just copy that, substituting the right information about the book. You can upload pictures using the toolbox in the left side menu. To get it listed, simply add categories at the bottom of the page, such as the other summaries (edit an existing summary to see what format to use). --Alex 13:28, 23 December 2008 (PST)

P.S. I could do with some clarification on how to use the Talk facility too - are all conversations public on Wikisummaries?