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[[Category:Leadership, Management]]
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Spiritual Warrior II: Transforming Lust into Love
Author B. T. Swami
Cover Artist Stewart Cannon
Country United States
Series Spiritual Warrior
Publisher Hari-Nama Press
ISBN ISBN 1-885414-20-X
Preceded by Spiritual Warrior: Uncovering Spiritual Truths in Psychic Phenomena
Followed by Spiritual Warrior III: Solace for the Heart in Difficult Times

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Chapter Summaries

Introduction: The School of Love

Chapter 1: Sex and the Leadership Crisis

Chapter 2: What is Love?

Chapter 3: What is Lust?

Chapter 4: The Power of Sense Gratification

Chapter 5: Sexuality in Everyday Life

Chapter 6: Love Between a Man and a Woman

Chapter 7: Loving Our Neighbors

Chapter 8: The Practice of Compassion

Closing Reflections