New Moon


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This is the sequel to "Twilight".

Time moves on for Bella Swan, and she becomes even more deeply intwined with vampire boyfriend: Edward Cullen. Her desire to become a vampire grows as her 18th birthday nears, and Edward will not be aging with her. One night, she has a dream that she is looking as her grandmother and Edward comes up behind her grandmother, putting his arm around her. Suddenly Bella realizes that this is not her grandmother, but herself looking into a mirror! She wakes up depressed and anxious, gets ready for school, and Edward picks her up for school as always. Despite her commands for there to be no acknowledgment of this event, Edward tells Bella that Alice (Edward's vampire sister) has planned a party.

They force Bella to come and enjoy herself, giving her presents, even. As she opens her present from Edward and Alice, Bella slices her finger on the wrapping, giving her a nasty paper cut. The Cullen family’s reaction shocks Bella. She thought they were very in control of themselves, but the smell of fresh blood is overwhelming. Jasper (the one who continues to have the hardest time living the “vegetarian” lifestyle) pounces at her. Edward is forced to tackle her away from him, and they fall with a crash onto the glass table and dishes, deeply slicing Bella’s arm from the inside of her elbow to her wrist. This makes Jasper all the more ravenous. Edward tries to push him away, Jasper snapping his teeth inches from Edward’s face. The extra-strong and uncharacteristically humorless Emmet yanks Jasper off of him, and drags him outside.

Rosalie and Esme aslo go outside quickly, away from the growing pool of Bella’s blood. Carlisle, who is a doctor (and the only one with complete control over his instincts, due to age, and his innate goodness), takes Bella into another room to mend her wounds, Alice running to fetch his medical kit. Alice then also goes outside, but Edward refuses to leave Bella’s side. His clenched jaw and the fact that he is not breathing makes is obvious that this is extremely difficult for him. Bella tells him he is being stupid, and that he should leave too. Carlisle sighs, and finally convinces him to leave by telling him to go and tend to Jasper who is beating up on himself, deeply embarrassed though it’s not his fault. Carlisle mends her arm, and Bella, alone with him for once, seizes the opportunity to ask questions about Edward. She learns to her despair and surprise that the main reason that Edward will not change her, is that he believes that he and the others have lost their souls. She asks if Carlisle believes this, and he says he doesn’t know, but that he sees the good in the others, especially in Edward (his longest companion), and he doubts it. Her arm sewn up and bandaged, and the blood mopped with a gallon of undiluted bleach, Edward takes her home is a deeply depressed mood that scares Bella.

Edward begins to spend less time with Bella, and she is fearful for the future. He is always in a dark mood, rarely talking with her – very odd for him. One day, he asks her to go for a walk. They go to the edge of the woods, and he stops to face her. Even though Edward is desperately in love with Bella, he must admit that him and his family are a danger to Bella. He has decided to leave her. Bella’s heart breaks and she begs him not to go. She is even more agonized when he tells her that his family – her best friends - will be leaving too. He will not say where they are going, but that is will be far away. As she continues to beg, crying that she can’t live without him, he lies and tells her that he no longer needs her. She becomes physically ill, and when Edward asks her not to go out alone – saying that vampires are not the only monsters out there – Bella barely hears him, doubled over, blinded by the pain. In the blink of an eye, he is gone.

Bella wanders the woods for hours looking for him, though logically she knows that he is long gone. When it begins to rain, she collapses on the forest floor in the fetal position and wills herself to die. Unsure of how many hours later, Bella hears snuffling in the bushes, and knows that she should try to escape from whatever it is, but can’t seem to care enough, her life now seeming meaningless to her. However, it is not an animal, but Sam Ulley (a Quiluete Indian from the nearby reservation) finds Bella laying on the ground and picks her up, bringing her home. A crowd of rescue workers have been searching for her for a long time, and cheer when they see Sam’s got her. Charlie is worried sick and lies Bella down on the living room couch, where a doctor pronounces she does not need to be hospitalized, but should rest and be kept warm. For weeks Bella does nothing but lie in bed, deep in mindless emotional agony. The light in her life has been blocked out – just like a New Moon.

Several blank pages of the book let you know that she is in such a depressed state that life no longer matters: October November December January

When text re-arrives on the page, her father Charlie is letting Bella know how worried he is about her emotional state. He urges her to visit friends or do something outside the house. Bella decides to go out with her old friend Jessica Stanley, but finds that her newfound attraction for trouble is worrisome for Jessica. She decides to visit her old friend, Jacob Black. He is from the Quiluete Tribe and lives on the La Push reservation. When Bella visits him, she realizes that she no longer feels so dark. The more often she visits him, she begins to refer to him as "her own personal sun". Though Bella is in no shape to develop romantic feelings, Jacob's intentions soon become clear. Though Bella is aware, she feels that she can keep this at bay by making her own feelings clear to Jacob. She still enjoys hanging out with him and riding motorcycles. These types of dangerous activities are the only way she can still remember Edward's voice. She remembers the way he would yell at her to stop foolish activity that would result in her injury.

During the time they spend together. Bella meets Jacob's tribe friends Quil and Embry. They tell her how they are scared of Sam Ulley because he is forming a gang out of other boys from La Push. This gang isn't the troublesome kind, but rather they enforce the rules. The tribe all looks up to them, but Jacob and his friends are scared that Sam is up to no good. Over time, Bella and Jacob spend every minute together. She comes to care for him deeply, though not romantically. She notices that Jacob seems to be getting taller and stronger by the day. One day they decide to go hiking, but Bella's ulterior motive is to find the meadow which Edward had previously taken her to. She doesn’t find it.

Mike asks Bella out, and to please her dad she agrees. However, Jacob rudely shows up and insists on tagging along, also pursuing Bella although he knows she still loves Edward. They spend an awkward night at the movies together, Jacob goes home sick. Bella is afraid that Jacob has developed some sort of flu, like Mike had, and she thinks of how she had noticed when hugging him that his skin was always incredibly hot, feverish. When she attempts to check on him she is met with confrontation. Jacob's father, Billy, deters Bella from making contact. Days pass and Bella still has not heard from Jacob. Though her father tries to tell her this is nothing, Bella knows better. She knows Sam is involved.

Still hurt by Jacob's disappearance in her life, Bella decides to find the meadow herself. Her father warns her about recent giant unidentifiable animal attacks in the nearby woods, but Bella's need for the dangerous only makes this idea sound better. After a few hours wandering, she finds the meadow, but is met by surprise by Laurent, a vampire who traveled with James, the vampire who had once tried to kill her. He tells her that Victoria, James' mate, is hunting her for revenge. As Laurent comes in for the kill, a pack of unnaturally enormous wolves warms out of the trees. She is terrified, but a wolf looks at her, and she feels oddly as though she has seen it before. To her utter surprise, Laurent becomes afraid, and flees. She has never seen a seemingly all-powerful vampire fear anything. The wolves pursue him, and she hikes back to her truck and drives home.

Soon, Bella is determined to find Jacob and goes to La Push one again. At La Push, Bella finally finds Jacob but he treats her roughly and pushes her away. Worried that the friendship she relies on so heavily is failing, Bella argues with Jacob. Jacob becomes angry, and shakes all over in a temper. Unexpectedly, she is met with the voice of Edward in her head again, warning her to calm Jacob down and leave. As she leaves, she reminds Jacob of the promise he made her to never leave their friendship. That night, Jacob is at Bella's window attempting to apologize and explain his behavior. When he tries to tell Bella details, he seems to be physically stopped. He tells her that she must try his secret. He tries to remind her by saying he's already told her at the bonfire last year when they talked about Quiluete legends. It was the same night she learned the secret of the Cullens. Bella, naturally, can't remember any story but that of the "Cold Ones", or vampires.

Eventually, Bella remembers the story of the Quiluete descending from wolves. She makes the connection that Jacob has become a wolf with hearing stories of large animal attacks nearby and her own encounter with the wolves. Horrified that her dearest friend would murder innocents, she confronts him on the beach. He is furious that she is disgusted with him, exclaiming “I’m sorry I can’t be the right kind of monster for you!”. When she retorts that the Cullens never killed anyone, he is shocked and says that he and dthe wolves haven’t either. Confused, she asks who did then? He explains that there was a vampire in the area. He also says that it’s not Laurent – the werewolves killed him. She at first has trouble believing this until she thinks back on the giant wolves in her beloved meadow. He then describes the other vampire they have been trying to catch – she is feline-like with flame red hair – the exact description of Victoria. When Bella become pale, Jacob asks what’s wrong, and she explains that the vampire is here for her. Jacob announces that he must call a meeting. He says that werewolves are connected mentally – that’s why he couldn’t tell her he was a werewolf, the other wouldn’t let him. But it is easier to communicate telepathically when in wolf form, so he leaves her and runs out into the woods, returning a few minutes later. After meeting, the pack (which now also includes Quil and Embry) vows to protect her until Victoria is caught and disposed of.

Over time, Bella learns a lot about werewolves. In some ways they are like vampires: super strength (she is unsure which is stronger), lightening fast reflexes, and super senses. But in other ways they are completely different: their skin is hot (so hot that rain evaporates off them immediately), they eat several times their weight every day (of human food). She also learns the most dangerous thing about them. They are all have terrible tempers (it comes with the territory) and are prone to fits of fury which force them to transform. When they change against their will like this, they are not in control of themselves, and attack whatever – or whoever – is near them. Bella is invited to Sam’s house where the pack hangs out and eats. Sam’s fiancee patiently cooks for them. One side of her face and shoulders is scarred – a painful daily reminder to Sam of a past incident, and he has since then always been the most careful. One day Bella is sitting with Jacob in a car he is fixing up, and he sees the cresent scar on her wrist. When she tells him that is from when James tried to kill her, and he once again trembles, teetering on the edge, before remastering himself. Though Jacob has great respect for him Sam, this is hard for Bella to accept, because she still blames Sam for Jacob's transformation, though she knows it is genetic. Jacob's dedication to the pack still concerns Bella.

She asks Jacob to take her cliff jumping, as she is still attracted to the danger that brings Edward's voice. Jacob agrees to meet her. Bella waits, but Jacob doesn't show up. She decides she can't handle the new Jacob and decides to jump on her own. Bella lands in a bad spot, and is crashed against rocks, nearly drowning. Jacob rescues her and fills her in on his reasons for being late. Victoria had been there and he had to stop her.

Alice Cullen, far away, who is able to see the future and promised to watch Bella for Edward, sees Bella jumping from the cliff. Fearing that this is suicide due to the lack of Edward, Alice races back to Forks, where Bella lives. Jacob is driving Bella home and smells the vampire. Cursing, he spins the truck around, but Bella, seeing the car demands him to stop. When Alice finds Charlie and Bella, she is relieved that her vision did not end the way she thought it would. She learns that werewolves cannot be seen in her visions, which is why she did not see Bella being rescued (this delights Jacob, who instinctively hates vampires). Bella enjoys being reunited with Alice, since the whole Cullen family had left with Edward. However, during her stay, a close friend of Charlie's dies. Rosalie Cullen, the other vampire sister of Edward, had gone behind Alice's back and told Edward about the vision. Edward called the Swan's house to confirm the story with Charlie when Jacob Black answers and only tells Edward that Charlie is at a funeral. Taking this as confirmation, Edward goes to Italy.

Alice suddenly has a vision of Edward in Italy – and freaks out. Bella doesn’t understand why, so Alice explains. Apparently, in a city known as Volterra in Italy lives an ancient vampire cult known as The Volturi. In the world of vampires, they are what could be considered royalty. They oversee the enforcement of the one vampire rule – keep it secret. Also, to her surprise, the leaders of The Volturi are Marcus, Caius, and Aros – the vampires that Carlisle lived with for a while during the Renaissance. Alice is alarmed because she sees that Edward plans to commit suicide by asking the Volturi for death – and if they refuse, her will break the rule flamboyantly, invoking execution. Informed of this, Bella passionately insists they rescue Edward from this fate (to Jacob’s consternation). Alice knows Edward would be nearly impossible to stop, but would stop if he saw Bella alive. Bella thinks this is not because he still loves her, but because he thinks it’s his fault she jumped off the cliff. Alice takes Bella immediately to Italy where she steals a rather conspicuous yellow sportscar (with darkly tinted windows), and they race to the medieval Volterra.

Alice tells Bella she will find Edward in the main square with a clock tower. With his tendencies towards the dramatic, he has decided anger the Volturi by taking his shirt of and walk out into the sunlight at exactly noon. Bella runs until her lungs nearly burst, racing against time, only minutes left. Finally she spots Edward, seconds from exposing himself to the human world. Desperately she calls out his name, and he stops, just before he takes the step into the sun. He stares at her in disbelief and whispers “Carlisle was right”. He thinks he has gone to heaven. She quickly explains, and he is incredibly relieved.

Just then, out of the shadows, cloaked figures command them to follow – by “request” of the Volturi. Crawling down into the tunnels beneath the city, they take him, Alice (who has now joined them) and Bella back to their residence high in a tower overlooking the medeivel city. Edward puts his arm around her shoulder and reassuringly kisses the top of her head, surprising Bella who still believes he meant it when he said he didn’t love her. She tells herself this is because he feels guilty about the fact that she is in danger because of him.

The present Volturi are Alec, Demitri, Felix, and Jane. Some of The Volturi heirarchy are dressed in cloaks sporting their red eyes with pride, and others are dressed in sharp suits, with blue contacts that turn their eyes violet. The three are led into a round tower room – with a drain in the floor. Regally, the three original and oldest (milennia old) Volturi enter, long hair, and elaborate robes – looking exactly like the painting in Carlisle’s room. Marcus has black hair, and looks utterly bored at all times. Caius has white hair and looks angry. Aros is blind with fogged eyes. Aros is the leader, and introduces himself cordially, showing sick humor, even giddy. He also introduces Jane, a right-hand man. He tells of their powers. Marcus can sense relationships, and understands it all, never surprised by anything - except Bella and Edward’s hopelessly mis-matched love. Caius can. Jane can torture others with her mind. Aros can see a person’s entire life in an instant by touching them.

The Volturi learn, intrigued, that Bella is immune to the powers of most vampires. Edward cannot read her thoughts, Aros cannot see her past. Aros asks Jane to try torturing Bella to see if it will work. Edwdard snarls and launches himself at her, immediately crumpling to the ground, writhing in agony. Alice restrains Bella when she tries to put herself between Jane and Edward, telling her he’ll be fine. Edward leaps to his feet with a look of horror at Bella, but then relaxes when Jane’s ability does indeed fail on her. After some thought, they figure out that the only reason Marcus’s, Alice’s, and Jasper’s powers work on her is because they do not deal with her mind. Aros suggests that she and the Cullens join the Volturi. Their powers would be useful to their coven, and they miss Carlisle. The Cullens and Bella emphatically refuse.

The Volturi remind the Cullens that their law states no human may know of their existence, meaning that Bella must be killed or turned into a vampire herself. When Alice had first met Bella, she saw in a vision that Bella would become one of them. She tells this to the Volturi who let them all go, with the provision that Bella is changed soon and warn them that they will be checking in on them soon.

On the way out of the round room, Alice and Edward try to rush her out, but are too late to spare her from seeing a large group of tourists filing in who were tricked into a “historical tour”. Bella realizes what the drain in the floor was for. Waiting in the fake business waiting room outside the inner chambers until they have permission to leave, Bella begins to sob from exhaustion and sadness at the fate of the people, she becomes hysterical. Alice suggests only half joking that he slap. Giving Alice a look, Edward pulls her into his lap and holds her tenderly, confusing Bella. At last Demitri enters, his grey suit still immaculate despite his recent meal, and excuses them while reminding them to remain inconspicuous.

Outside in the city the residents are celebrating a festival for the day when “Saint” Marcus drove the vampires out (or so they think). The people are dressed up in cloaks and plastic fangs. “Ridiculous” mutters Edward. Alice steals another car, and they get to the airport, Bella trying to keep herself from believing that Edward cares for her, refusing to get her hopes up. She tries not to fall asleep so that she can savor the moments that she thinks will once again be the last time she ever sees him. When they arrive in the states, Emmet and a penitent Rosalie are waiting to pick them up. Edward is furious with Rosalie for her spiteful behavior earlier, causing this whole thing. Bella however, eager to make some sort of positive relationship with her accepts her earnest apology. Rosalie when forgiven, thanks Bella for saving her brother. When he sees Bella’s compassion, Edward is placated. Bella finally succumbs to exhaustion, asleep in her love’s arms.

They all return to Forks, Washington, and Edward carries Bella up the driveway to her house. Meeting the more than upset Charlie, who of course blames Edward for Bella’s shattered heart. Edward however insists that he at least carry Bella to her bed, and Charlie watches him like a hawk. Sure now that he will leave her again, Edward has to pry her hands from her shirt, and she falls into a deep depressed sleep that last many hours.

When she wakes she is horrified that he is still there only because she thinks she is dead or hallucinating. He thinks from her expression that she is simply afraid of him, but she begs him not to leave again. He assures her she is not dreaming, and she asks why he is here. Surprised,d he says it’s because she loves her, and she feels her heart breaking again because she can’t hardly believe him. It is now that Edward begins to realize the extent of damage he has done to her – broken beyond repair as she describes herself. He vows to her that he will somehow rebuild her trust in him no matter how long it takes.

Bella sees that his eyes are black, and tells him to leave if he is thirsty, which he scoffs at. Edward holds her tightly and goes in to kiss her as he never has before. She struggles and begs him not to. Frustrated, he breathes “Why not?”. She replies it’s because it will make it harder to bear when he gets tired of her and leaves again. Ignoring this stupid logic, he passionately goes in for the kill – figuratively. She is left breathless and she returns to sleep.

Charlie grounds Bella for leaving without his knowledge, but allows her to see Edward in the house during certain hours. However, Edward continues to sneak into her window at night. Slowly, her trust in Edward returns, and she eases into the idea that he truly deeply loves her. He says that when they were separated he felt just as she did, and tried to track Victortia. Unlike James he sucked at that. Frustrated more than ever over the fact that she was not a vampire and therefore unable to spend eternity with Edward, she goes to the Cullen house, and insists that they put it to a vote. When the vote is an (almost) unanimous yes (Rosalie votes no, though she has come to love Bella as her sister, she still doesn’t want her to live their lifestyle), Edward storms about the house, throwing a fit and breaking things. Carlisle and Alice however, refuse to do it, and so Edward is her only option – very unlikely.

One day after school Jacob is waiting for Bella and Edward at her house. The motorcycles that she had secretly ridden with Jacob out at La Push are in the driveway. Bella knows she will be double-grounded now. Bella, feeling betrayed, demands Jacob give his reasons, and he says it’s his duty to try to keep her from “the leech” as he calls Edward, by any means (including grounding). Bella yells at him, and when he becomes angry, Edward step in front of her preparing to attack. Calming himself, Jacob says “I would never hurt her” with a cruel emphasis on “I”. Bella, seeing that her friendship with Jacob will be compromised, reminds her of his promise to her. He hangs his head and says he doesn’t see how that’s possible now that she has chosen vampires over wolves. Jacob runs off, and Edward attempts to comfort her. Bella is forced to go back to the house and face her father when Charlie shouts her full name out the window. Though still in a bit of disbelief, Bella sees hope for her future.