Living Impossible Dreams

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Living Impossible Dreams
Author Freddy Behin
Country USA
Language English
Publisher SIMA Publishing
Released 2017
Media Type Print (Paperback), Print (Hardcover), eBook (Kindle, iBook)
Pages 210
ISBN ISBN: 978-0-9985979-1-1 (Paperback), ISBN: 978-0-9985979-2-8 (Hardcover), ISBN: 978-0-9985979-0-4 (E-book), ISBN: 978-0-9985979-3-5 (Audio book), ASIN: B0195YIS96 (Amazon Kindle)

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How to be your BEST at EVERYTHING ... EVERY TIME!

A 7-Step Blueprint to help you break free from limiting beliefs that have chained you down, so you can achieving greatness in all areas of your life.

Executive Summary

Freddy Behin, the author of Living Impossible Dreams, is a former international competitive gymnast, medical doctor, software developer, a successful entrepreneur, a Professional Speaker, #1 Bestselling Author, and a Peak Performance Life Coach. In his book “Living Impossible Dreams”, Freddy will take you on a journey of impossible endeavors where he will teach you step by step concepts that will show you how to ensure success in your life, be it in a relationship, finances, business, education or simply going through academic or physical challenges.

In this book you will learn simple yet effective solutions to overcome challenges and limitations. He will teach you how to overcome limiting beliefs. You will learn how to ensure success with the proven tools he will share with you to enhance your outcomes by the taking the right steps and learning how to modify the actions and mindsets to improve on your results.

If you are tired of mediocrity and excuses, let Freddy help you get your impossible dream to become not just a possibility but a reality.

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION - Limiting Belief

In this chapter the author explores the reason why we have limiting beliefs. How those limiting beliefs keep us boxed up and far away from our dreams. He explores the way we lose the ability to have a limitless belief structure like children and due to fear of failure or fear of success we slowly create walls of comfort around us that keep us from getting hurt. Ultimately through the following chapters he will give you step by step solutions to overcome these limitations and see success as not only a possibility but a reality in all areas of your life.


In this chapter the author takes the reader through a journey of how he became a word class athlete and gymnast. He shares how he was just an average young man who achieved higher levels of what was visible as a potential. He takes you through the journey of him competing at the gymnastics world championship. He explores that despite what people think the journey was more valuable than the end result. He also walks you through the tricks he used as an athlete to get himself to perform at a high capacity and level. How he put himself through visualization in the zone.

Chapter 3: STEP-1 MINDSET

In the Mindset Chapter the author explains that how you view yourself is the first and most important step in any process. You must visualize yourself succeeding and visualize the end result. The view of yourself and your abilities is vital to knowing your success level. See the outcome and achieve the goal in your mind before you take the next step. All self-limiting beliefs must be eliminated for you to achieve your goals. The first time you achieve something that you thought was impossible, a shift occurs within your mind. That shift is in your belief that a possibility exists. It then becomes easier for you to do it again. That one simple shift can facilitate your ability to achieve more and more.

Chapter 4: STEP-2 DESIRE

In the Desire chapter the author discusses how your desire can affect your outcome. The concept of Desire is what sets people apart in their attitude towards success. You must get excited about why you are doing the work. You have to be excited to take action. When you get excited about what you want to do then you will take more actions. When you take more action you will achieve better results. Without Desire even the best strategies will not work. It is a lack of Desire that has created impossibilities throughout all time for humanity. Conversely, all innovations and breakthroughs have come from the desire that the outcome is a must and there is no other option but to achieve the end result.

Chapter 5: STEP-3 DECISION

In the Decision Chapter the author discusses that without making a Decision or being decisive you simply have a choice sitting on the shelf and hope. All you are actively doing is wishing, hoping, praying and dreaming that something good will happen. It is in this moment of your Decision that your guiding forces within you will point you in the direction of success. It is when you make a Decision that defeat is no longer an option. Only then will you do whatever it takes to achieve your impossible dream. The moment when you become 100% committed to taking the steps and actions required is that you get one step closer to having your dreams within your reach. Ultimately taking responsibility of all your actions.

Chapter 6: STEP-4 PLANNING

In Planning Chapter the author discusses the importance of starting with the end in mind and making out your journey. For any plan to work you have to have a clear vision of your outcome and define the end result. Find multiple ways of achieving that outcome and decide which strategy will be the most efficient way to get to your outcome. Have backup plans to know what to do when one strategy fails or hits a bump in the road. In this chapter he also talks about the importance of anticipating setbacks. Understanding when setbacks are normal and when they are not part of a normal process. By anticipating setbacks you prepare yourself to deal with them and still move towards your goal.


In Preparation Chapter the author discusses how your psychology can be the reason for your success or failure. You must be aware of your belief system around the imaginary walls that limit your thinking and abilities to succeed. Success requires the ability to expand your mind to accept the one-in-a-million chance.

Chapter 8: STEP-6 WORK

In Work Chapter the author talks about achieving a better positive outcome faster by putting in the right work and being efficient at the work that we do. Most of all, you must “stay in the game.” He emphasizes that no secret or strategy alone can grant success. You still must have the right mindset, desire and ability to make a decision wholeheartedly. The author teaches a very interesting concept which he calls the 80/20/1 rule. Understanding the 80/20/1 rule is very important in keeping you from stopping your progress due to inefficiencies and feeling overwhelmed by too much on your plate. In this chapter he also reviewed the four levels of mastery and competency. Moving from an unconscious incompetent level where you lack the knowledge and skill set to the unconscious competent level where you have mastered the skill set so well that you can now perform it without thinking about it.


In Evaluation Chapter the author discusses your work and feedback process. He describes that progress is not linear. He explains the importance of recognizing plateaus and valleys in your process. Observe for what needs to change. He also emphasizes the importance of having mentors in your life and of course to keep an eye out for the imposters.


Lastly, the author discusses how talent is overrated. The key takeaway from this segment was to recognize that talent is a term we place on someone’s ability level that has a shorter development time line. We are obsessed with the time and results concept. The shorter the time in their achievement the more talented we label these individuals. Only consistency and the right work is an indicator for success.

Chapter 11: CONCLUSION

The author encourages the readers to start painting a new picture for their life. Return to the journey without limitations. He urges you to think about your responsibility to live life to the fullest. It is your responsibility to use your own gifts that have been given to you and use them to their fullest potential. It is time to step up and be the best you can be. Most importantly however, it is important to know that you have greatness inside of you.