Life of Pi


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Life of Pi

The author starts out with a prologue relating his desire to find an interesting story and deciding to go to India. He meets Pi Patel, who tells him a long tale that is the actual novel. Pi summarizes his early life, where he lived with his family and brother in India and was often near a zoo that his parents ran. When he was sixteen, Pi's father decides that the family should move to America, and they pack the animals and the family onto a cruise ship. The ship sinks. Pi ends up on a life-boat with a tiger, a hyena, an orangataun, and... some other animal. Before long, the other animal and the orangataun are eaten by the hyena. Then the tiger eats the hyena. Pi is now alone with a hungry Tiger. Pi and Richard Parker (the tiger) float along the ocean for seven months. They face lack of food, storms, floating islands that are actually really big animals that want to eat you, and more. Pi eventually builds a bond with Richard Parker, and no longer has to fear being eaten or starving. The lifeboat ends up surfacing on Mexico. Immigration officials find Pi, and he tells him his story and lives (kinda) happily ever after.