Honestly: Really Living What We Say We Believe


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Honestly: Really Living What We Say We Believe
Author Johnnie Moore
Country United States
Language English language
Genre(s) Religion, Christian Living
Publisher Harvest House Publishers
Released September 2011
Media Type Paperback, Kindle
Pages 208
ISBN ISBN-10 0736939466, ISBN-13 978-0736939461

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Honestly takes a close look at how to actually live by what you believe, not in theory, but in reality. Drawing from how the early church followed Jesus, Moore asks questions about how our own twenty-first century lives don’t measure up to the kind of dedication and commitment the early Christians displayed.

Using his own painful experiences of a broken home and a glib pretense of Christianity as a cover for what was really going on, Moore takes a look at how Christianity often becomes a veneer that hides great pain, loss of faith, or simply a lack of belief that it can actually transform life. Above all, it questions our desire to live life undisturbed by our Christianity, to live Christianity on our terms rather than Christ’s.

The basis of the book is that it really is possible to live a vibrant, passionate life in Christ that changes your relation to the world and the people around you. Moore looks at how suffering, doubt, evil, the frenetic pace and distractions of the digital life, our work, our boredoms, our rebellions and our crises can all be transformed into a real life in Christ that is exciting, alive, and above all, honest.

About the Author

Johnnie Moore, Jr. is the vice president and campus pastor of Liberty University. He is a speaker, a professor, and a communication advisor to educators, preachers, and politicians. He is on the board of trustees of World Help, leads North America's largest weekly gathering of Christian young people (10,000 students) and has led hundreds of students on humanitarian and missionary excursions to more than 20 nations.