To Kill a Mockingbird

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List of Characters

  • Finch Family - Founded by Simon Finch who immegrated to America from Cornwal, England. Simon was a doctor and firm Methodist.
    • "Scout" - Narrator
    • James Atticus Finch - "Jem" - Scout's brother; four years her senior.
    • Atticus Finch - Patriarch of the Finch family. Defense Lawyer
    • Hohn Hale Finch - "Uncle Jack" Atticus' brother. en years Atticus' Junior.
  • Ewell
  • Charles Baker Harris - "Dill" - 6 years old. Spending summer with his aunt, Rachel Haverford. Absent father.
  • Radleys - A reclusivefamily whidh did not go to church or socialize on Sunday's (a typical time to socialize during this era and in this location). Neighbors of the Finchs.
    • Arthur "Boo" Radley - Got into some toruble as a child and was sequestered by the Radley famly.
    • Old Mr. Radley
    • Mrs. Radley
  • Calpurnia _ Finch family cook.
  • Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose - two doors north of the Finchs.
  • Mrs. Rachel Haverford - Finch's neighbor. Aunt of Dill.

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1 - Introduces the Finch family: widowed Father Atticus, son Jem and daughter Scout. The Finches are neighbors with the Radleys, a reculusive family who's son, Boo, got into some trouble as a kid and was forced into seclusion by the family. Boo is a mystery to the Finch siblings and he is viewed as a sort of evil spirit by the local children.