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  • Only individuals above 18 years of age can join the Passport Network for lawful personal use. If you want to offer the Passport Network facility to your users, then a separate contract with Microsoft is required. (2)
  • You will comply with the Microsoft code of conduct. (2)
  • You will neither send nor help anybody sending spam. (3)
  • Any activity on your account is your responsibility. (4)
  • This agreement binds you not to harm the Microsoft Parties including all
  • “our affiliates, resellers, distributors, service providers and/or suppliers. (2)
  • But it does not protect you in your dealings with these parties and it is solely your responsibility. (5)
  • On the other hand this agreement limits the damages you can recover from third parties also to one month’s fees paid to Passport Network. (9)
  • Microsoft may use any material submitted by you, including modifying it. Of course you will remain its owner and Passport Network can still use your name along with it. (6)
  • “If we change this contract, then we will tell you at least 30 days before the change is in force.” (7)
  • Passport Network waives all warranties, but you may still have protection of consumer and other laws. (8)
  • The damage you can recover is limited to one month’s fees that you have paid. It does not matter if “Microsoft knew or should have known about the possibility of the damages”. You only protection comes from any laws which do not allow such waiver of warranties. (9)
  • Activities of Passport Network may be changed or suspended at anytime and you may lose all data you had stored at the site. (10)
  • You may also cancel your membership without any reason. (11)
  • Court jurisdiction in the matter may depend on which affiliate you are dealing with. (12)
  • If a court quashes some part of the contract, remaining parts of the agreement would still remain binding. (13)
  • Passport Network may pass you on to some other party without your knowledge, but “Any attempt by you to do so is void.” (14)
  • “Any claim related to this contract or the Passport Network must be brought within one year.” (15)

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