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| author        = Humphrey Carpenter
| author        = Humphrey Carpenter
| illustrator  = Franck Rodgers
| illustrator  = Franck Rodgers

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Mr. Majeika and the Ghost Train
AuthorHumphrey Carpenter
IllustratorFranck Rodgers
SeriesMr. Majeika and the
PublisherPuffin Books

Executive Summary


<Mr. Majeika> Class Three’s magician teacher, but he has not used magic for a long time, so he forgot some spells.

<Class Three> St Barty’s school’s class. They are used to doing some adventures with Mr. Majeika.

<Jody> A brave girl in class three.

<Hemish Bigmore> A bad student in class three who like to do mischief with Wilhelmina.

<Wilhelmina Worlock> A bad witch who likes to do mischief and to afflict someone.

<Dennis the Dragon> The dragon which was in a cage because it attacked Wilhelmina.

<Mr. Potter> The head teacher of St.Barty.


Chapter 1

One day, a poster stuck on the wall of St Barty’s School. It was about a new theme park: ADVENTURE GALAXY. Class three and their teacher, Mr. Majeika who had once been a wizard, received a letter and free tickets for the new park from the Adventure Galaxy’s owner. They were excited about that, except for one student, Hamish Bigmore. He was a bad student and he didn’t join with the class, so he didn’t want to go to the Adventure Galaxy, until he received a letter from Wilhelmina who was a mischievous witch, Hamish likes her.

Chapter 2

In chapter 2, The Class Three’s students are in the park very early. Mr. Majeika and Melanie rode on a magic horse. Then, they met Hamish. Hamish said that he wanted to ride on ghost train. Two girls didn’t believe Hamish, so they went to buy some balloons. When the train started to move, Hamish jumped off and ran away. After that, the two girls came back, they knew that the ghost train gone.

Chapter 3

After class 3 went on the ghost train, Jody and Melanie, Hamish came back to the ghost train place. Then, Hamish went to go find wihelmina Worlock. Then, Jody and Melanie went back to the school to see if class 3 were back. But at the school, Mr. Potter said that the class 3 are not back yet. Then, Jody told Mr. Potter to let Melanie stay here and eat. Jody went back to go fin class 3. Then, Jody went back to the ghost train place. Next to the tracks, there was a whole. And on it said, W.W. Then Hamish came to there to. They opened the whole together. And in that whole, there was a staircase going down into the darkness. Jody went in first, then Hamish did….