LiveJournal Terms of Service

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  • LiveJournal may change the terms at any time without prior information.
  • There are various categories of membership. You can’t take ‘early adopter’-closed in Sept., 2000, or ‘permanent accounts’ which the LiveJournal bestows on people. Remaining accounts differ in fees and the facilities available to you. (III)
  • Once you have chosen a username, you can’t change it. (III)
  • If you are less than 13, you need consent of your parent or guardian for membership. LiveJournal may verify the age before accepting the membership, and you may lose your membership if the facts are not correct. (IV)
  • You are solely responsible your actions when using the Service, so if anybody is sued for what you write it would be you and not LiveJournal. (VI)
  • User has to comply with all laws in content including relating to export of data out of US, and the regulations of different stock exchanges.(VII & XVI-9)
  • LiveJournal may send you emails at all times, but cannot ask for personal information. If you post any information, they can use it in marketing some product. (VIII & XV)
  • It can also tell you what, or how much, or to whom you can write (VIII)
  • The service can be changed or terminated at any time, and if you do not like it that is your problem. (IX)
  • LiveJournal may terminate your account, or delete your content at any time for whatever reasons it thinks fit, but if any third party has a problem with the action, then only you and not the LiveJournal can be sued. (XI)
  • LiveJournal can post as many ads, in whatever manner it wants, on your content. (XII)
  • If what you write falls foul of law, then LiveJournal may submit all information to the authorities. It may also otherwise ask you to retract, modify, or protect it. (XIV-1&2)
  • Not only can LiveJournal use your Content on the web, it even claims a right “to resell any portion of a user's LiveJournal back to that individual”. (XIV-4)
  • You will of course not post anything unlawful or offensive or inappropriate. You should also not include anybody’s private information like address, email, phone number etc, in what you publish on the site, without his permission. (XVI-0)
  • You will not slip in your content as somebody else’s by, for example, forging headers etc. (XVI-3)
  • You will also not disclose any information received in confidence, or under a non-disclosure agreement. (XVI-4)
  • Nor collect personal information for commercial use.(XVI-11)
  • You will also not try to indulge in commercial activity by , for example displaying a banner, or offering prizes etc. (XVI-150-a &b)
  • If you are a volunteer at LiveJournal, your Content becomes property of LiveJournal the moment it is created. If law doesn’t allow this, then you will give the ownership at the time of creation. If law disallows even this then you will grant a perpetual world wide irrevocable license to LiveJournal to use said Content. If laws prevent such licensing also, then you agree never to sue LiveJournal for the use of said Content. (XVII)
  • There are no warranties as to service, its continuance or quality, even if you obtained such a warranty orally or in writing. (XVIII)
  • LiveJournal is not liable for any damages from your use or inability to use or deficiency, even if you had warned the LiveJournal about it. (XIX)
  • Any disputes will be decided by California courts as per California state laws. (XXI)

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