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  • Your use of the service is dependent on your acceptance of the terms of use. Joost will make "commercially reasonable efforts" to keep you informed of any proposed changes in these terms. (1)
  • Any new features are also added to the terms of service. (2)
  • This service is for personal use only. (3)
  • Maintaining appropriate standards of conduct is an essential part of using the service. Examples of such conduct are posing as somebody else, trying to sell things online, and harassing somebody. (4)
  • Not only do you have to maintain confidentiality of your password, your password may be rejected if it is inappropriate—four letter words are obviously not welcome.
  • You remain owner of whatever you post on the site, but if it is offensive or inappropriate, joost can remove it. Also, once it is submitted, the site may also use it in any manner it wants. (6)
  • Your content can also be used for manufacturing or marketing things—basically your ideas have no copyright and no permission need be taken before lending your name to a product you have not heard of. (6)
  • Their right to use your content ceases once you cancel your membership. (6)
  • Joost does not take any responsibility for what you encounter on the site. (8)
  • Joost advises caution whenever appropriate. When you use the site you are on your own, and Joost doesn’t take any responsibility for service, content or your dealings with other parties. (10)
  • Joost is not liable for any damages even if you had warned it of such a possibility. But even if you manage to corner it, the damages will be limited to 50 euros.
  • You will indemnify and defend joost and its employees at your expenses. (12)
  • Any issues connected to your use of the site are governed by law of England and Wales. (13)
  • Always be careful of any fine print. That the site is not invoking a clause does not mean that that clause cannot suddenly wake up and bite you. (14)
  • You can’t file a suit after more than one year of the cause. (15)

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