Google AdSense Terms of Service

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  • Your Participation in the Google AdSense program is not automatic and requires approval by Google. (1)
  • You need to be 18 years old or above. (1)
  • You will receive ads, links and search results on your site. (1)
  • You may opt for a search box on a webpage that contains your content. The search queries should come from human hands and should be forwarded to Google(2)
  • You will display all content and ads from Google (ad-units) on your site. AdSense customers’ are not allowed to display ads on each others’ site. (2)
  • You may also put ‘referral buttons’ on your site (along with your content). Visitors to your site who click on these will be taken to a Google site.(2)
  • You won’t display any ads leading to non-Google content. You also won’t display any ad which can be mistaken for a Google ad. Google will be your exclusive internet search tool. (2)
  • You will communicate only with Google, and not with any advertiser directly. (2)
  • You are responsible for your site as per Google’s specifications. Google may investigate any violation. (2)
  • You will not allow any electronic or “repeated manual clicks”, or interfere with ad-link, ad-units etc., or redirect anybody from the ads. (2)
  • You may stop displaying the ads or terminate the contract for any reason with 10 days notice.(2)
  • You will not disclose any confidential information relating to Google including guidelines etc., but “you may accurately disclose the amount of Google’s gross payments to you.” (2)
  • There is no guarantee or warranty of any service. (2)
  • Google’s aggregate liability to you is limited to three months’ payment made by Google to you preceding the claim. (2)
  • You are entitled to payment for links, ads etc, but this will be adjusted against payment due from you for the search facility. Payment will be made within 30 days of the end of each calendar month. No payment for earning of less than $10 will be made. (2)
  • No payment will be made if you got those queries sent for some payment or false assurance etc. No payment for any ad for charitable organizations or for Google’s own ads. (2)
  • Google may also withhold payment or recover it if some dubious activity is noticed. (2)
  • If you dispute any payment, you should notify Google within 30 days. (2)
  • Google may use your name and logo for its publicity or presentations. You can also display Google’s logo etc. (2)
  • In any issue concerning your usage, you and not Google will face the courts. (2)
  • You also assure that you will not attempt to create a competitor for Google AdSense. (2)
  • Information you provide may be used by Google in any manner, including passing it on to a third party. (2)
  • Laws of California and Courts of Santa Clara County, California have exclusive jurisdiction in the matters relating to this agreement. (2)

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