Friendster Terms of Service

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  • Friendster’s Terms of service becomes binding on you once you use it. These terms may be modified without prior notice and come into effect as soon as they are posted on the web-site.
  • You have to be 16 years or above to be a member of Friendster.(1)
  • Both you and Friendster can terminate the membership at any time, for any reason.(2)
  • If your paid membership is terminated for violation of these conditions, you do not get any refund.(2)
  • If you sign up for any service provided by third parties, such as Friendster Blogs, Friendster Radio, or Friendster Video through Grouper, then you have to accept their terms of service also.(3)
  • Friendster’s service is for your personal use only. For any commercial purpose you need their express written consent in each case.(4)
  • Organizations are not allowed to use its service for any purpose.(4)
  • You are not allowed to copy, transfer, or use any information or content on Friendster for any commercial purpose.(4)
  • Friendster may take legal action if you collect personal information such as usernames, e-mail addresses, for sending unsolicited e-mail, or any other unauthorized or commercial purpose.(4)
  • You can’t allow anybody access to your Friendster profile. (4)
  • Except for what is in public domain, you can’t copy anything from Friendster without their permission.(4)
  • If you post anything on Friendster, they get a right to use it any way they want.(5-b)
  • You may choose who can view your full profile- "Friends," "Friends of Friends," and "Anyone."(6-a)
  • In you authorize "Anyone", anyone who accesses Friendster can see it. (6-a)
  • Include details like surname in your profile at your own risk.(6-a)
  • Your public profile will include details like your name, location, marital status, and sort of people you are interested in meeting.(6-b)
  • Don’t include any telephone numbers, street addresses, or e-mail addresses in it. (7-b)
  • Friendster can restrict the number of e-mails messages you can send to other members(7-c)
  • Friendster may remove any part of your content or profile it considers illegal, offensive, or potentially harmful. For example:
    • false information
    • racism, bigotry, or hatred against any group or individual, or harassment of another person;
    • pirated music or links to such files,
    • Pornographic, pedophilic, or attempts to collect personal information from minors,
    • soliciting strangers to include you as a friend on the Service.
    • (6-f)
  • Friendster may intervene in disputes between members, and take any action, including the termination of their membership. (9)
  • Friendster is not liable for conduct of any member or anything posted by them.(10-b)
  • It is also not liable for any deficiency in its service for any technical reasons or otherwise.(10-c)
  • Friendster does not warranty any quality or results from use of their site. Even a written assurance will not create any warranty. (10-c)
  • In any case their liability is to you for any cause whatsoever, is limited to the amount paid by you for the Service during the term of this Agreement.(11)
  • They are not liable even if they had prior information of risk of harm or loss (11)
  • San Francisco, California courts have exclusive Jurisdiction. (12)

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