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Site use:

  • Services of Fotolog are for persons of over 18 years only.
  • Children under 13 need parental/guardian’s supervision.
  • Fotolog’s services are for personal and non-commercial use only.
  • You will abide by State, Federal and International laws. (a)
  • You will not send unsolicited emails, bulk mail, spam etc to any person nor will you harass, threaten, stalk or abuse any users. (b) & (c)
  • You will not harm minors, or post obscene, vulgar, harmful or offensive content or which is unnecessarily violent, defamatory, or that violates any intellectual property rights. (d) & (e)
  • You will not :
    • interfere with others' use of the site,
    • invade the privacy of others,
    • try to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems (f) & (g)
    • or try to impersonate somebody (h)

Other provisions:

  • All content posted by the members is their property, the rest belongs to Fotolog. You can’t copy and distribute any member’s contribution without his written consent, but you can download material for your personal use , provided you don’t change it or remove any notices about copyright, author etc.
  • In case you allege copyright violation you have to approach the site with full details and authority.(a-g)
  • Whatever photographs, articles etc you upload on the site can be used by Fotolog in any way, including for its advertisements. Fotolog will assume that you had the right to use the material you have posted. You are responsible for the consequences of such postings.
  • Fotolog does not vouch for the truth etc of any Posted Content or endorse it.
  • Fotolog cannot confirm identity of any user, nor can it prevent misuse of your content.
  • Fotolog has no responsibility for any dispute between users. It may however remove any content it deems unsuitable.
  • Your comments to Fotolog are not confidential, and may be used.
  • You have to give true information for your membership.
  • Fotolog’s Gold Camera membership is paid and the fees will be automatically renewed. Changes in fees will be intimated on the site.
  • You are responsible for security of your password. You can authorize someone else to operate your account, but you are responsible for the consequences.
  • Fotolog is not liable for unauthorized access of your material.
  • Changes in policy will be notified on the site.
  • Fotolog does not endorse any sites linked from it.
  • Federal or state courts in the City and County of New York have sole jurisdiction.
  • Fotolog may terminate your use of the Site and Services, and remove any content without assigning any reason and will not be liable to anybody for such actions.
  • There are no warranties of quality or performance. Fotolog is not liable for any loss or damage from use of its site.
  • If some law disallows waiver or limitation of warranty, then the liability is limited to $100.

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