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  • You can refuse to pay or deliver an item if the seller has changed the item’s description or you cannot authenticate identity of a buyer/seller.
  • EBay can refuse you its services if it thinks that you are creating problems for it.
  • Bidding on eBay is free; listing your items is not. Fees can be changed with 14 days’ notice on eBay.
  • If your account is overdue, eBay can send lawyers/collection agents after you and if default for >180 days, your Paypal account may be deducted.
  • They can sell anything, and are not responsible for quality or legality of items offered, or for payment or delivery.
  • Unless you know of some law to the contrary, they are not bound by any warranties, and are not liable for any loss of money, goodwill, or reputation.
  • Even if held liable, their liability extends to only fees you paid in the last 12 months (only seller pays fees) or to $100 maximum.
  • You can’t drag eBay in a dispute with other buyers/sellers. You even waive California Civil Code §1542. This means that even if some material information is not disclosed to you and it causes loss to you, you have waived protection law gives you.
  • EBay may collect information about your
    • email address, physical contact information, IP address and standard web log information;
    • financial information, such as credit card or bank account numbers;
    • information on what and how you buy or sell including data on shipping, billing;
    • no chat or communication through the site is confidential and eBay may snoop on all discussions, chats, dispute resolution, correspondence through the Site;
    • they will also access how you sign in and what you view;
    • they may collect information about you from third parties, and may ask you to produce documents like your credit card statement, driving license or utility bill;
  • If you want to fight eBay in courts, you will have to go to Santa Clara county, California;
  • Claims upto $10,000 to be decided by arbitration which will be done on phone, online or on written submissions;
  • eBay may change any these conditions at any time, and the changed conditions will take effect 30 days from posting on eBay.

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