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  • Some services may not be free. (2)
  • You will be asked to accept every major change in conditions. Continued use implies acceptance of changes. (3)
  • Blogger may terminate or modify service without notice. (4)
  • Your information may be disclosed to aid law, to protect Blogger’s property, its personnel or to “debug” problems. (5)
  • Unless otherwise stated, you retain copyright on material posted by you. ( 6-a)
  • Blogger is not responsible for what is in the content. (6-b)
  • You are responsible for your account, even if somebody else uses it. (7)
  • Unless otherwise forced by law, Blogger does not offer for warranty for its service or results from it. (8)
  • No liability to Blogger is created by your use or inability to use it. (9)
  • You can’t resell Blogger’s service without its consent. (10)
  • You will comply with all laws and not send inappropriate (for example vulgar or threatening) content. You will also not send spam, chain letters etc. (12)
  • Blogger is not liable for loss to any party connected to your use of the site. (13)
  • Both you and Blogger may cancel the membership at anytime. If any changes in policy are not acceptable to you, your only option is to cancel your membership. (14)
  • Notices to you may be by email, by post, or on the site. (15)
  • You can’t copy anything including text, software, music, sound, photographs, video, and graphics from Blogger site without their permission. (17)
  • Laws and Courts of California have jurisdiction in the matter. (18)
  • Your use of Blogspot is also governed by rules of New York Stock Exchange, NASDAC and other regulating bodies. (Blogspot (3))