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The Manual of Style is a general guide to how contributers and writers write summaries here at WikiSummaries.

To edit a page, simply click the "edit" tab at the top of any page. You will then see a rectangular box. You are able to type in the box. Help improve WikiSummaries by writing more about the book you page you are currently editing. Whenever you are done editing, look where it says "Summary:" after the rectangular box. Type the general changes you have done. Example: "Improving intro", "Creating page", etc. After, click "Save page" and then your edit will be saved to the page for others who visit WikiSummaries to read! If you made a mistake, don't worry! You can always edit the page again (and again.. and again.. and so on) and fix it or someone else will come by and fix it for you!

If you are starting a new summary, first type the name of the book in the searchbar to your left. After, click "Go". If the book summary has not yet been created yet, it should say, "There is no page titled "xxxx". You can create this page." Click on "create this page".

You are now editing the page. Now you can start writing from here. Make sure the beginning/introduction has a general overview of the book (what kind of book it is (action/romance/ect.), who it was written by, and any other important information). The name of the book should be the first thing in the actual content of the page. It should be formatted to be bold-italicized. Simply type the following: '''''NAME'''''. Just replace "NAME" with the title of the book.

After, make a new section by typing == Characters ==. List the characters, having an asterik in front of each character name.

Start a new section by typing: == Summary ==. Below that, write a summary of what the book is about.

Then type the following: === Chapter 1===. Write about chapter 1. Continue doing this until you have completed all the chapters.

Then you are done! Don't forget to save after each edit, or else your improvement will not be saved! ;-)

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