MSN Terms of Service

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In using the service, you will:

  • obey the law, MSN code of conduct and its notices,
  • keep your service account password secret,
  • promptly notify MSN of any security breach. (3)

In using the service, you may not:

  • use the service to harm anybody associated with MSN,
  • send spam or any spyware or unauthorized software
  • interfere with MSN or user’s enjoyment of its services
  • resell or redistribute any MSN service. (4)

Other conditions

  • You are responsible for both your as well as the associate account. You may close or alter the associated account at any time, and even ask for his computer’s details. (5) & (6)
  • You may also incur incidental charges for Internet, sms, or other data transmission extra. (7-1)
  • You authorize MSN to charge you for any paid feature you sign-up or use. You pay charges in advance. MSN may charge you a greater amount than what you approved after giving you 10 days’ notice. They may charge you the approved amount, ater telling you the difference. MSN may bill you for several periods together. MSN will automatically renew the service and bill you every time, if they had informed you once. (7-2)
  • Keep all account details, including billing address and your credit card expiry date, current. Inform MSN well in time for the next bill. However, MSN may discontinue service in case you tell them to stop using your payment method. (7-3)
  • Your free trial period gets converted to a paid subscription at the end of the trial period, unless you cancel it in time. (7-4)
  • Price for the service normally excludes all taxes and phone charges. MSN may change the rates after informing you. If you have a fixed tenure, new rates will be effective after it ends. (7-5)
  • If your service is on a period basis (e.g., monthly), new rates will be effective 30 days(minimum) after you are informed. (7-5)
  • In case the increase is not acceptable, stop using it before new rates become effective. (7-5)
  • All charges are non-refundable. (7-6)
  • Bills are online. Paper copies are charged extra. Any error should be reported within 120 days. (7-7)
  • In some cases cancellation of service may incur charges. (7-8)
  • And charges already incurred are payable. (7-8)
  • Late payment charges are 1% or less if restricted by law. (7-9)
  • If you post something, it can be published by MSN and others alongwith your name. (8)
  • Your personal details, and communication may be disclosed to aid law or to protect MSN and associates (9)
  • MSN may send you software (with your consent) which will remain its property and they may update it. (10)
  • Your membership may be cancelled if not used. (11)
  • You may earn Microsoft Points but "you must ensure that we (MSN) properly post your Points". (12)
  • You will adhere to guidelines if you want to advertise on MSN (13)
  • MSN may change the conditions with 30 days’ notice (14)
  • Unless there is a law in your favor, MSN does not warranty quality of service. (15)
  • Liability of Microsoft is limited to only one month’s fees you pay. (16)
  • MSN may cancel or suspend your service in which case your data may be lost for ever. (17)
  • MSN may assign this contract without notice to you. But you cannot do so. (18)
  • All claims have a one year limitation (21)
  • You can send notices to only "help" or "customer support". MSN will not email notices. (22)
  • All notices to you will be sent electronically. MSN may email you, or by posting a notice on a Microsoft site. (23)
  • Microsoft will chose the law and court location depending on your location. (24)
  • Stock quotes on MSN are at least 20 minutes behind, and they are not responsible for its accuracy.

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